Network for co-operation and democratic participation of citizens in the Adria-Balkan-Region

A Europe for Citizens Network project


Project summary and background:

Intercultural understanding, tolerance as well as democratic participation of citizens on local and European level are the main topics and objectives of the CAPE AB network project. In front of increasing xenophobic developments in Europe as well as increasing demands to municipalities for support and co-operation and participation, the project will implement a series of workshops and information sessions for municipalities and citizens in 7 European countries (AT, IT, SI, HR, HU, BiH, RS) with a clear regional focus on the Adria-Balkan Region.

During workshops participants will discuss on one hand possibilities to tackle xenophobia and support intercultural understanding through transnational co-operation of municipalities and on the other hand how democratic participation can be supported on local and European level. Also a debate about the future of Europe will be fostered in all workshop sessions. Besides the training and workshop sessions, the project will develop a good practice collection about transnational co-operation and democratic participation which will be printed in a reader format as well be made available for download via the project website. Moreover a final conference will conclude the project and allow for broad networking action of citizens and municipalities for bulding project ideas and understanding.


Main activities:

  • 8 training workshops (in each partner country, 2 in Austria)
  • Final conference with exchange of good practices and extensive networking sessions
  • Good practice reader on projects for democratic participation and international co-operation on municipality level
  • Individual consultancy and support for municipalities for project development and implementation of democractic participation projects



01/07/2015 - 30/06/2017



140.000 Euros